Friday, December 19, 2008

Sniffle, Sniffle

Will is doing much better today. Thanks to those who offered get-well wishes and advice. I do have to vouch for those that suggested putting the Vi.cks baby rub on his feet. My mom had suggested that very thing the first night he was sick and, strangely enough, it seemed to work!

His little nose is still stuffy, but he is either getting used to it, or it is better enough that it doesn't both him anymore. His fever is gone and his eyes aren't as red-rimmed as they were. He had a rough time going to bed last night . . . didn't get him settled until well after ten, but once he was down, he slept a miraculous nine hours straight! I went to bed immediately after he did and slept eight hours straight myself! Although the poor breasts, which were just starting to get the message that they needn't produce milk at night, have now gotten confused after three nights of straight feeding. I woke up with painfully full breasts and was really ready for him to wake up and eat! But I'll take breasts filled with milk and a good night's sleep any day!

I think it's almost safe to say that we survived our first cold. I know that it's a good sign that all is working well with his immune system, but I sure hope we get to go a little while before the next one hits! Will might be fine, but I need some time to recover!


Amy said...

That's awesome he got his first least that's what my ped said when that happened to the twins at 8 that immunity son!! NICE! The first of many, if we had champagne, I'd cheers you! Glad things are better for the wee one! Work that humidifier like it's your job sister!

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

I'm so glad little Will is feeling better now, it was SO SAD reading about him feeling so sick! I hope you're now catching up on your sleep, and not feeling bad yourself!