Monday, December 1, 2008

Memorial Monday

This week's Memorial Monday is in honor of Stacy and her lost angels. In her own words. . .

I too have lost six babies. I've watched nearly all of my friends and relatives move into the next stages of life. I've attended their baby showers, given tons of gifts, visited their newborns in the hospital, and watched them grow up and start school in the past 7 years. I was 21 years old when I got married, and I thought that I would be done having kids by the time I reached 30. I'm about to turn 32 and am still at square one. There have been many tests and surgeries along the way and with each attempt at a pregnancy we have had some hope of success. Each time we have been disappointed. We've never named any of our babies, I think mainly because we've been in a form of shock or denial for 7 whole years, but also because we thought it would be too painful. Maybe it seems cold or informal to think of them in numbers, but each of those lives holds such a special place in our hearts. Each one captured our hearts and carried our hopes and dreams for the short time that we knew of them.
Baby #1 July 6, 2002
Baby #2 March 28, 2003
Baby #3 October 7, 2004
Baby #4 July 22, 2005
Baby #5 August 8, 2006
Baby #6 January 22, 2007
Those are my miscarriage dates. None of our babies made it past 12 weeks; some didn't make it to 6 weeks. It terrifies me to think of that list growing longer, but we have no idea what the future holds. Every day I wake up with a mixture of pain and sadness, joy and hope. Although there are extremely hard days, I trust the Lord and His perfect will for my life and my future!

To continue to follow Stacy's story and to further offer support, you can find her at Stacy's Thoughts On Infertility.

To be featured in upcoming Memorial Mondays, please contact me by clicking on my profile link and then by clicking on my e-mail link. You can either write your story yourself or provide me with the details and I will do it for you. You may include pictures, poetry, whatever feels right. This is your memorial for your loss.


Jen said...

I'm so sorry, Stacy. I will be thinking of your six lost babies.

Ashley said...

Stacy- Don't get discouraged! Katie had the same situation and look at her today! I will pray that God sends your little miracle soon!

Anonymous said...

Stacy, I am sorry to hear of your losses. I have had two miscarriages and I can't imagine having that many more.

You will be in my prayers

Stacey said...

Thank you Katie, and thanks Jen, Ashley, and anon for your precious comments. It means the world to me that people I don't even know would remember and honor my lost babies. Thank you for the support!