Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Rocking Chair

If you saw my video from a couple of weeks ago, showing you around the nursery, then you might remember the rocking chair that is from Grandpa Dan.

Grandpa Dan is my husband's father. I never met him. He died when my husband was nine.

Three years ago, right after we lost our first pregnancy, my husband was watching a television show about unclaimed money. Intrigued, he looked up first his name, then mine, then his father's and bingo - found $900 that had been in a bank account that his father had when he passed away. He went through the process of getting the money and then gave split it with his sister and mother. This left $300 for him to spend.

He decided that he wanted to spend it on something tangible that we would always remember. After thinking it over, he decided that a rocking chair for our future nursery would be perfect. We searched for a few weeks and finally found the perfect chair in our price range.

Last night, we were clearing things out of the nursery and my husband moved the rocking chair to a corner of our bedroom. For the first time since he tried it in the store, he sat down in it and smiled.

Little moments like these make me realize. . . a baby is truly coming.


Mazzy said...

I love it! Your baby boy will be here before you know it. ;)

HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh, that is just so nice. That is a wonderful way to use that found money and remember him.

Joy said...

Aww! That is so sweet!!! How wonderful it must be to realize that his father, though gone, still was able to bless you guys while expecting your little bundle!

Mrs. Piggy said...

Damn you, your posts always make me cry!!! That is just the perfect item to spend the money on.
DH's grandma died while we did our first IVF...Unfortunately we miscarried, but with some of the inheritance we put it towards our next IVF, which of course blessed us with twins, so I always feel like she had a hand up in heaven creating them (and a little financial help to boot!!)

This is really happening for you. You sound just like me before having the babies...Its like you're waiting for something to happen, because how could this REALLY work out...but its going to this time and I cant wait for the details!

Prairie Girl said...

That is so wonderful!! A beautiful thing to have for your little one who wil be here in no time!! :)

Ms. J said...

What a lovely way to remember him, and have his presence in your baby's life! I luv it :o)

Annalien said...

What a beautiful story! In only a few weeks time you will be rocking with your little one.

Joy said...

That it a wonderful story. One day you will be thrilled to be able to share that with your little boy. It is something you will always remember.