Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Bee

I had my 34 (?!?!?) week OB appointment and all is well. I was back to my usual OB, who said that he doesn't even bother to figure out what position babies are in until the 36th week, as they can easily turn and flip before then. He did say that Little Man appears head down, although he didn't want to press too hard to figure it out, as I am still having some contractions. I guess we'll know the final verdict at our next appointment in two weeks.

My blood pressure is still looking great - lower than prepregnancy for me. I was up another 2 pounds, for a total of 27 pounds at 34 weeks, which the nurse assured me is just fine. With the exception of a couple of appointments, where my weight went up pretty dramatically, I have been putting on weight at a steady pace of around a pound a week.

As for the contractions, he doesn't think they are any big deal. They are still coming irregularly and since I am not having any other symptoms of labor, he really thinks that I just need to get off of my feet more. Easier said than done with my job, but I'll do what I can. Work is just getting so busy, for a lot of reasons, probably the biggest being that I am starting to wrap things up to hand them over to the girl covering for my maternity leave.

This week, I am definitely feeling a bit overwhelmed. My final baby shower is this week. We've been so blessed by all of our generous friends and family and this is our fourth event! There really isn't much more that this baby needs and yet 25 people have RSVPd for Saturday, including one of my really good friends who is coming all the way from San Francisco!

The problem is that with so many people coming and the shower being next door, everyone wants to see the nursery. Which means that the nursery needs to be finished and the rest of the house need to be cleaned. It's not as if the house is dirty, per se, just not visitor-ready. My mom is staying for the weekend, my sister and her fiance will be here for a night as well, and my girlfriend from out of town is staying nearby, so we will have visitors every night. I am planning on keeping meals low key, perhaps pizza on Friday night and an easy BBQ on Saturday.

I just am getting so tired. Even picking up the phone to order pizza sounds like a lot of work right now. I keep reminding myself that no one expects perfection. . . except for one teeny, tiny little detail - I do. I want my house to look nice, I want the meals to go well, I want everyone to have fun. And even though I am not hosting the actual shower, I still feel responsible for people having a good time.

These are good problems to have, I know. I really feel so blessed that so many people want to shower us with love and presents for Little Man. I just wish that I had a Fairy Godmother who could come and clean house and make dinner so that I could stay parked on the couch!


Jen said...

I completely get your need for perfection. I've already started planning for Christmas as I will have a weeks old baby and a house full of company.

Tracy said...

Maybe it would be worth having a cleaning service come in to give your house a once-over? I've suggested that to my hubby for prior to the babies' arrival...

The most important thing for you to do right now is rest when you can. The rest will fall into place.

Mel said...

I am anal about the state of my house before people can see it. My husband calls it "Mel clean" versus the average person's standard of clean. ;) So I can totally relate.
Love your belly pics from yesterday! You look beautiful!!!
34 weeks, I can hardly believe it. I am just thrilled for you, girlie!

Fertilized said...

make them figure out dinners and such .. i know it's against the emily post book for hosts, but you have good reason!

Kathy V said...

Do you have a crock pot? Throw some chicken breasts (or pork chops) in there with some cream of chicken soup. When ready to eat, they can throw some minute rice in a pot of boiling water. Dinner is served and clean up is easy too.

Ally said...

Katie, I'm sorry you're feeling so exhausted lately. But I have to say you're looking fabulous! (Not that that helps, I know.) 34 weeks-amazing and awesome!

Polka Dot said...

I agree with Tracy. Get you a cleaning service! Let someone else come in and scour the place. A friend of mine had that done once and the house was super clean - way cleaner than had she done it all herself. For that matter, I say make it a weekly event. You can do the light straightening, but let someone else do the actual deep cleaning.

I love the belly pics, btw! I'm always surprised by how close you're getting, even with the weekly OB updates. It's like the belly pics just make it one of those omg she's gonna have a baby! moments lol Odd, I know.

Jen said...

I really like Tracy's suggestion. I'm thinking that might be a good idea for me too, as it just seems impossible to get things cleaned up around the house when so much is going on.

Geohde said...

Envious of your BP :)

And when the house cleaning fairy is finished with your place, could you send them over my way? Please?


Ms. J said...

We rushed to get 90% of our nursery ready prior to the shower (held at our house). It was actually kind of good for us - set a deadline to get our butts in gear. Of course, I wasn't waaaaay pregnant like you are, so it wasn't the same thing. I am not a neatnik, but I completeky understand wanting everything "perfect" for visitors.

Do you have any friends or relatives who have said "is there anything I can do?" (and meant it?) If so, maybe this is the time to ring them up! You don't have to ask them to do clean the whole house or anything, maybe just one or two chores. Most people are happy to help, and will understand your exhaustion. Hell, say that the doctor is ordering you to stay off your feet, throw in a few tears, yadda, LOL!

Samantha said...

Another idea, since your mom and sister and finace are staying over, you should get them to help you clean up for the party. They're family, so they won't mind a little messy house, and probably would be more than happy to help you out!