Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa and Noodles

Not much to update. Sludge seems to be gone. My OB remains unconcerned. At this point, there will be no exam, blood tests, or ultrasounds. I suppose I could have pushed it more, but they seem "okay" with everything and it would have been difficult for M to get off of work. I certainly didn't want to go alone, so there you have it. Thank you for checking in and waiting with me. These next few weeks will hopefully go by quickly and it will be time for our next ultrasound before we know it.

I had a "good" day of morning sickness today, which means that lunch actually stayed down. Of course, that makes me nervous, but I do remember that from my pregnancy with Will. There are just days that are better than others, and I have to learn to enjoy and take advantage of them. This was the first meal I had kept down in a long time.

I took Will to see Santa today. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience. I had thought that it would involve a lot of crying on his part, but they actually had a little stool for me to sit on, so Will could sit "next" to Santa. I was out of the picture (well, you can see my knee under him in the picture) and it looks as if he is sitting on the arm of the chair with Santa leaning in. As a result of this system (and the help of an inventive photographer and an Elmo doll), Will is actually smiling in his Santa picture. The only weird thing about it is that they didn't give you the CD right there of the picture. You have to e-mail for it and wait 24 hours. As I am already kind of "waiting til the last" on this one, I was a little disappointed, but our cards just might be New Year's cards this year. Oh, well, I doubt anyone's holiday is hinging on our card arriving in the mail!

You also have to purchase at least one print (which they do right there) to get the image and, of course, they charge a lot for the one picture, but. . . well, I think it's worth it. You only get one chance per year at this and I know we'll treasure this one in the years to come. I already have the picture framed and on display. It's pretty cute.

When we got home, Will was very hungry. This is where the footage from the above macaroni and cheesepalooza came from. He must have decided that this was the faster way to eat! Who needs a fork? That's my boy!


Intrepidgirl said...

that video is the best!! thanks for sharing!

cheryllookingforward said...

I love the video!!! I think I could eat mac & cheese that way!!

And I'm happy the sludge has stopped. I'll be hoping that the days until your next appointment will fly by and be filled with nothing but minor morning sickness!

Beth said...

OMG that video of Will is hilarious! I was laughing so hard...priceless.

Checking on you often, and praying even more!

Mrs. Piggy said...

This video is a classic! He is hilarious!!!

Elise Ford said...

That video is hysterical!!!