Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Turning To You Again

Okay, kids, let's play another round of "What Would My Blog Readers Do."

I am really, truly, and completely unsure of what decision to make in regard to Will getting the H1N1 vaccination. Normally, I am 100% in favor of vaccinations, but this one makes me a little nervous. Several prominent members of the CDC have expressed concern about the safety of the vaccination and voted against its release.

Our pediatrician is advocating it, and I do trust her opinion. However, it just seems extra scary to give Will such an unproven medication.

What are you going to do? Please direct me to any reading materials and sources that have helped you to make your decision. If you are also still trying to make a decision, here are some resources that I have found along the way.

WHO Says Vaccine Safe
Some Say No to H1N1 Vaccine for Kids
Local Doctor Answers H1N1 Vaccine Questions
CDC Site: Q&A on 2009 H1N1 Vaccination
Government to Intensely Track H1N1 Shot Side Effects


Ms. J said...

Lil Pumpkin and myself (pregnant) will NOT be getting the H1N1 Flu shot (we are getting the regular one though, even though I also have doubts about it's effectiveness since ever year they predict the wrong strain).

Reason #1 for us NOT getting is: I have big time concerns about a brand new vaccine - and don't wanna make us guinea pigs. Heard on news this morning that the nasal version delivery of it carries a LIVE virus-vaccine, too, which makes me nervous.

Also, LP is not in daycare or anything, so her exposure is limited in that regard.

Victoria said...

I tend to be moderate in my view of vaccines (meaning, I believe them to be necessary, but not at the CDC/APA schedule). I had decided against both the seasonal flu and H1N1 for all 3 of us (my son is 2.5 and in school) but then after hearing the pleas of some prominent docs on TV, I was reconsidering. I read the same links you provided and was leaning toward just getting both. However, I saw my own GP yesterday (he is from Canada, keeps up with global health studies, and just returned from Canada). Given that that the US been wrong with the seasonal flu vaccine for the last 5 years and that many don't believe in the efficacy of the rushed H1N1and after much hand wringing and back and forth, we will not be getting either the seasonal flu or H1N1.

Christine said...

My daughter and myself (Pregnant)
will be getting it. I spoke to my pediatrician and he is giving it to his 3 children. I work for a hospital Pharmacy. The Vaccine is made by the same company that makes the majority of the seasonal. It is made the same way just differnet strains. The Nasal which Ms. J is talking about is a live (the seasonal nasal is also a live)
would not be given to Wil it is for 2-49 years.

PamalaLauren said...

I'm not getting it nor do I think my daughter will be. My daughter's doctor doesn't seem to think it's necessary. He doesn't see anything wrong with the vaccination but doesn't think it's hugely important as long as she still gets her normal flu shot, which is fine by me.

I'm typically not one against vaccinations but this is too new, and I don't want to risk it.

Nicky said...

Yep, we're getting both, but not the nasal H1N1, just doing the shot instead, which is safer at Will's age. My son is in daycare (not to mention playing a lot with kids at the park when he's with me), and I work at a university, which means that we're both in high-exposure circles. If it were just me, I'd skip it, because I have confidence in MY ability to survive the flu if I got it. But the kiddos are so young, it could be really really bad if they got it, so I'm protecting him from that possibility. For me, it's a worst-outcome analysis, which points to getting the shot.

Tracy said...

We all got the regular flu shot, and E&R will be getting the H1N1. As long as the CDC and our pediatrician recommend it, I'm in. Though I am wary of a new vaccine, I am MORE wary of H1N1 and how dangerous they can be to the under 2 group. We aren't in school or day care, but we do attend several play groups and I do not care to keep them at home indoors for the winter...so we will vaccinate.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I will probably get it for both of us. But I haven't really decided yet. Elizabeth has already gotten the regular flu vaccine (and I will too, as soon as I stop being lazy).

good enough said...

My three children and myself will be getting both vaccines. I have one child in a daycare center and two others in two separate schools, so my kids are exposed to EVERYTHING. And I work in a school. My middle daughter has asthma, so getting it for her will be my first priority, as she often gets pretty sick from a simple cold. I think, for our family, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Joy said...

We are NOT getting this vaccine. It's not worth it to us. The chances of something actually happening to us if we do catch this flu are pretty low. More people die from seasonal flu than have died from H1N1.

It's not a risk I'm willing to take. We're not guinea pigs.

Anonymous said...

At this point on time I'm leaning towards both Lemy and myself getting it. When I told my MW I was hesitant about it she said that they already had 2 pregnant women in ICU due to H1N1. And since I teach there is a very good chance I'll be exposed to it (there have been suspected cases already).

I don't love the idea of getting something that's not tested, but if it's a dead virus and it's made the same way as the seasonal I see no reason not to get it.

That's how I feel today anyway...that could change! ;)

Gibson Twins said...

Neither of my twins will be getting the H1N1 flu shot and they are also not getting the regular flu or pneumonia vaccine. They've never had anything other than scheduled vaccinations.

The university I attend has had one documented case of H1N1, but the way I feel about it is simple: students don't show up to class when they feel perfectly fine, they're sure as hell not going to show up if they've got swine flu.

We practice the same old handwashing til your hands bleed routine, and that has gotten us through the last three cold/flu seasons with flying colors.

Anna said...

Honestly, we have no idea what to do. We see the ped. in a week or so for our 18 month well child visit and have a long list of questions. I think we will follow the doc's advice - we like and respect him. My husband and I tend to cancel each other out (I say vaccinate, he says wait)... so there you go. Like most of parenting, there probably isn't a right answer. Just the answer that is right for your family.

Elise said...

My Will is 10 months old and not in day care. After speaking with his pediatrician, researching online, and numerous conversations with friends and family, we have opted not to get the vaccine. If Will was in day care, I might lean the other way. It was a very difficult decision for us. If it is available to me, I am considering getting the shot myself. Because I'm still nursing him, Will might then benefit from whatever antibodies I make.