Monday, October 5, 2009

A Nice Weekend

I have posted many times on this blog about my relationship with my mom and how she has been less-than-enthusiastic about Will. In an interest to show both sides, it's only fair that I report on this past weekend and how wonderful it was to spend it with my parents and have them both take an avid interest in their grandson.

When we arrived on Saturday morning, my parents both rushed out the door to meet us at the car. My mom had lunch on the table, Will's little booster seat already set up, and plate just for him with kid-friendly foods cut up into small, kid-friendly bites.

My dad sat on one side of Will, M on the other and they fed him lunch. My mom smiled at him from across the table. Will's latest word is "Grandma," so I think that furthered his cause. How can you not be in love with a thirteen month old who can say your name? Will also charmed his grandfather, because although he cannot say Grandpa, he called him Papi, I think because it's close to a word he has been saying for a long time, puppy. But there is a distinct difference in how the two sound and he only said Papi when prompted to say Grandpa.

My little brother also showed an interest in him, which was a nice change. He got out some of his old cars and played with Will for a little while. At one point, one of the dogs started growling at another dog, and my brother picked up Will and moved him out of the way (previously, he has never held Will in any fashion, even when asked to). He was rewarded with Will toddling after him, calling "Wobby, Wobby!" SO freakin' cute.

Will was so well-behaved this weekend that I couldn't help but be so proud of him. He slept all the way down to my parents (a three hour drive) and then was an angel in the restaurant where we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday party. It's not a fancy restaurant, by any means, and kid-appropriate, but service took awhile and I got nervous. We were there for two hours. Will sat in his booster seat for all but the last twenty minutes, happily eating several new foods (olives, white bread with butter and jam - my mom was shocked he's only had whole wheat, and his first bite of vanilla ice cream). I don't mind him having treats when we are out, because that is how I eat. I try to be healthy and eat well at home, but when I go out, I like to have things that I normally wouldn't. The last twenty minutes, he sat happily in M's lap. He didn't cry, fuss, or make a scene and I got to sit at the table for the whole dinner.

Will slept the whole night through in his pack-n-play and my mom made a huge breakfast in the morning that he gobbled up. She loves cooking for people and Will is an appreciative diner. He even threw in an "ooooooh, eggs!" for her special breakfast quiche, which earned him another serving!

It was just so nice to see my parents enjoy their grandson, and even nicer to see Will have such a good time with them. It made me wish that we could spend another night while we were on a roll, but perhaps the old vaudeville saying is true. . . "Always leave 'em laughing and wanting more."

We were in town for just barely 24 hours. There was no drama, no hurt feelings, no tears, no disappointments. I was sad to leave, which is a first in a very long time.

It was a nice weekend.


Tracy said...

I'm so glad! Some people just aren't great with little babies, and maybe that was the case here. I'm not surprised that Will charmed the pants off them. :)

Ms. J said...

That had to mean so much for you :)

I know the feeling you talk about . . . when people who have been less than supportive and enthusiatic manage to surprise us!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Good! It sounds like a very nice weekend.