Thursday, October 22, 2009

Clarification & Apology

I want to apologize to anyone that I might have offended with this post.

I was not trying in any way to say that one decision is better than another. I believe that the decision that we've made for our family is the best decision - for our family and our family only. I do not pass judgment on anyone else. Choosing to work outside or inside of the home is a personal matter and can only be made by the individuals who are at stake in the decision. Many factors, be it emotional, financial, physical, and too many more to mention here, must be taken into consideration.

I wrote that post from a place of hurt and anger, from a position of being tired of the judgment that I was feeling from others. I probably shouldn't do that as it clouds my judgment and leads me to post things that may not be taken in the spirit in which I meant them.

For though I didn't mean it to be offensive or judgmental, I have had a chance to see the post through another's eyes. I figure if one person is brave enough to bring it to my attention (albeit indirectly), then there are probably many others that felt the same way.

I want to make it clear that the post was not to be an attack on any group of moms and/or dads. It's hard enough to be a parent without having to defend your position from another one. So please know that while my wording might not have been perfect, my intention was never to be mean or to try and define a "best" or "right" choice. Because it's impossible to do so when it comes to this situation.


Polka Dot said...

Girl, you apologize an awful lot lol

This is YOUR blog.


YOUR place to vent and share and love and yell. Whatever YOU want to say in whatever way YOU want to say it.

We long time readers know your heart.

And if we take offense, it's usually because we're already judging ourselves - not because you're judging us.

Katie said...

I know, that's me. I hate to think that I offend anyone. Ever. One of my greatest strengths. . . and certainly weaknesses.

Perhaps sometimes I am too quick to apologize. But in this instance, I think it was called for. :)

Tracy said...

I 100% agree with Polka Dot. I've read and reread your post as well as the comments, and they were ALL very neutral. I didn't see any judgment or stances that one way was better than any I'm not sure where this is coming from.

Try to take it easy on yourself.

If somebody doesn't like what you have to say, they can stop reading.

Tracy said...

Ok, seriously.

I just went and reread that post a THIRD time, and I did not find anything even remotely offensive about it. I was LOOKING for something, and didn't find it, and I think I'm a pretty conscientious person?

Did you take out something?

Amanda said...

I see no need for you to apologize. I read your post a few times and couldn't find where you were even remotely offensive to any side of this fence. I also appreciate you debunking a few of the myths!

Now if only I could make myself pretty ever day...hehehe. (and yes, I was one of them women that didn't care too much about being pretty for work when I worked.)

Katie said...

I think it was the combination of both posts (the one after "How We Make It Work" and the possible inference that everyone wants to be a SAHM).

Anyway, I still want to make it clear what my intentions were in posting, just so no one is offended.

Fertilized said...

i loved your post and thought that it was very well written as a SAHM mom. and not offensive at all. Hang in there and keep writing