Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This and That

I threw out my neck this Monday by . . . are you ready for this. . . getting out of bed. But because that is about the lamest story ever (and makes me sound 82), I am saying that I actually injured myself by sitting in the front row of the theater when we took Will to see his first movie this last weekend.

Well, actually, we didn't sit in the very front row. We were only four rows back, however, and I did feel as if I spent the whole time straining my neck. It was worth it, however, because Will loved the movie. He sat through the entire thing and only said things like, "Look, Mommy, it's Lightening McQueen! And he's HUGE!" He sat in his own chair for about half the movie and then alternated between our two laps for the remainder.

He was kind of a turkey after, though. I think he was just a bit overwhelmed by everything. We had gone to a birthday party earlier that day where he had his first bloody nose after a nasty fall on the playground. He was playing with some older kids who were spinning him on some sort of spinny-thing. He was having a great time, until he tried to get off and smacked himself good on the spinny-thing. He bled all over and gave me quite a scare. But five minutes later and a juice box later he was back out playing. It took me a lot longer to calm down.

Speaking of birthday parties, Emma's first birthday is looming. She turns a year old this Sunday. I am all sorts of emotional about it. I was giving her a bottle today and realized that we won't be doing bottles anymore soon. It made me very nostalgic and I actually started to tear up. Then she saw me and cracked a smile, formula running out the sides of her mouth, and it made me laugh.

Party plans are fully underway. I am starting to feel as if I have things somewhat under control. Well, I did, until I threw out my silly neck. Now I am a bit behind, but not much. I keep repeating my own advice: Remember the point of the party. All that really matters is that I have been blessed with the most amazing little girl and that she is turning one.

I do have one question, however. This is my menu:

Submarine sandwiches
Fish-shaped pbjs
Seashell pasta salad
Individual bags of chips
Cake (of course)
Soda, water, juice

Do you think I need to add a fruit of some sort? Like watermelon slices or grape bunches? I'd honestly rather not add anything else, but I also want to provide a decent lunch. Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

It looks like a pretty lame menu to be honest. Submarines are something that people customize with or without ingredients. Also, it's calorie heavy with chips, pop, cake, subs, pasta salad. You should definitel swap out the chips for a fruit and veggie tray. There are so many better ideas than you have chosen.

HereWeGoAJen said...

No, I don't think you need a fruit. I think your menu sounds like perfect party food. I'd be excited about the pasta salad especially.

Anonymous said...

Your menu sounds perfect for a child's party. Just judging from my grandchildren, I believe some type of fruit tray would nicely round out your menu.

Just my 2 cents worth, but the first commenter sounds terribly rude.
Liz in GA

Ms. J said...

You're getting a mixed bag of opinions here . . . I would have a fruit option, but that's because my kids are into fruit. I prefer when the fruit is separated, so I don't have to pick through to get what they do and don't like, LOL. Easy way to serve fruit is have small disposable cups next to it - kids can keep the fruit in a cup easier than on a paper plate, and eliminates need for forks oftentimes.

I'd go with some strawberries, watermelon, apples (maybe, for the teething set?), blueberries. If you wanted could also have yogurt, I suppose, in lieu or or to complement fruit. Just some thoughts.

DO NOT OVERDO IT. Applause, applause for keeping it simple!!!

~Hollie said...

Umm, hello! This is a party. I think that you have a great variety of food and we are talking about kids here. They can eat fruit and good for you stuff at home. LETS HAVE A PARTY!! I opt for the "less is more" approach. More food = more prep= more stuff you have to buy= you have kids, so give yourself a break!
FYI- for my son's first bday, we did just about the same menu, minus the pasta salad, add in a giant tub of DIP for the chips. We had 50+ people, half kids, half adults. NO ONE WENT AWAY HUNGRY OR UNHAPPY!
Disclaimer- I hail from one of the top 5 fattest states in the union, take it or leave it!

AwkwardMoments said...

i say do what you want. if you feel you need a fruit, get a bag of grapes or something simple! If not, don't worry

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous #1! Try taking a class in manners and tact. You can clearly use it.

I agree with others. It's a birthday party. Serve a fun menu! They can get their healthy food at home.

Anonymous said...

It's not about eating healthy at a kids' party as much as the lack of options. Is it *that* difficult to cut up a fresh pineapple or some strawberries? My kids would not eat any of the items listed except water or maybe (?) cake. Fruit is a simple easy way to give more options for little kids at a LITTLE KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY. Or forego the sandwiches for a do-it-yourself submarine bar so parents can pick and choose what their child will actually eat instead of having to pick things off the kid doesn't like.

An opinion was asked for thus an opinion was rendered.

Adriane said...

We are having the exact same thing at the girls party next Saturday! And I am 50/50 on the fruit. I probably will because my girls are fruitaholics. But not because it's a healthy option. Bday parties are supposed to be fun and decadent. The end. Cant believe Emma is turning one already!!!!

Anonymous commenter - there are much nicer ways to render your opinion.

Katie said...

Thank you for weighing in, everyone. It looks as if people are leaning toward fruit.

As Brianne pointed out, it's not difficult to cut some fruit up, so I think I will add a tray of that so that the kiddos will have lots of options. It wasn't about the effort so mcuh as the fact that I think it's easy to carried away and I am trying to keep it simple.

As for the sandwiches, like I said, I am going to do the pbjs for kids and most little ones I know love some pbj (and some big kids, too:)). We'll also get the sub sandwiches with condiments on the side so it's easier to pick things off and add things. I still love keeping with the "under the sea" theme, so I am gonna keep the pasta salad, but perhaps nix the chips.

Thanks again for your advice, everyone. Now, keep fingers crossed for good weather!

Anonymous said...

Okay, anonymous #1, so your kids will only eat water and cake? Sounds like you have failed to instill healthy eating habits in them all on your own. Stop relying on others to give your kids healthy foods and start doing it yourself at home. That way, they will learn to appreciate a diverse amount of foods while also knowing what is healthy to eat vs. what is a "treat". If you never give your kids access to sugar and the like, I guarantee, they will end up rebelling at the first chance.

One other important thing you might want to teach your kids is to eat what is provided. Otherwise, you will find yourself a short-order cook.

And one thing you might want to teach yourself (which will pass to your children) is some manners. Yes, an opinion was asked for, but that doesn't give you open license to be rude as you give it. This party is clearly important to her, so instead of bashing the menu, why not try offering positive suggestions.

Katie, my advice IS to add some fruit, simply because it will balance out the meal. But even if you didn't, I don't think anyone goes to a birthday party expecting a full buffet.