Saturday, December 4, 2010

Detox Wrap

So it's been a few days since the start of our vegan detox, and I have to say, I like it. It does not feel like a diet whatsoever. In fact, I have been stuffing my face more than ever. Which is probably why I haven't lost any weight. But since that wasn't the point, I am not letting it bother me. I am trying to pay attention to my body and what it needs. And the fact that I have been eating as much as I have and haven't gained any weight is something to celebrate. Even though the scale hasn't changed, I have noticed that my pants are fitting differently and I don't seem as bloated.

M, on the other hand, gah. He has lost nine pounds. That's not a typo. That is nine pounds. Now, granted, M has more weight to lose than me in the scheme of things, but still! I have to say, I find it irritating how quickly guys can lose weight when they only just try.

All jealousy aside, I am very proud of M. While veggies and fruits are my favorites, they are not his. This has been much more of a change of lifestyle for him than for me. Today, he grabbed an apple for a snack and I jokingly told him that had to be one of the signs of the Apocalypse. He said his boss did a double take when he caught him snacking on baby carrots at his desk this week. He deserves those nine pounds.

I have had two girlfriends over this week and both have loved the carrot ginger soup. They were both skeptical and I really had to twist the arm of my second girlfriend to try "just a bit," then she wanted a whole bowl (which she practically licked) and the recipe!

As for the dreaded detox symptoms, both M and I were exhausted on Wednesday night and Thursday was a bit rough. It was nothing that would keep me from recommending this to a friend, but I did have a mild headache and queasiness for most of the day. But I felt as if I turned a corner yesterday and today, I feel as if I have a lot more energy.

Also, in a possibly coincidental side note, I have noticed my milk supply increasing. I really think it's because I have been eating more.

So, what did we eat for the rest of the week?

Thursday night was cauliflower and sweet potato in a garam masala indian curry sauce with brown rice. Friday was vegan burgers with baked sweet potato fries. The burgers had a good flavor, but needed a different texture. I am going to tweak them next time.

We have both decided to do another week of this detox (at first, we only committed to a week). I am going to have to get creative to make some different meals (sweet potato enchiladas are an idea I am working on).

So, wish us luck!


Beth said...

We made the Carrot Ginger soup tonight for dinner. YUM!! It was delicious - and so filling! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Feel free to keep posting the deliciousness ;)

Anonymous said...

Such a cool idea. Are you purposefully doing low/no gluten? Many people find out they have "issues" with gluten when they take breaks from it. The lack of bloating really makes me wonder because gluten causes major bloating for a lot of people. Also most of your recipes are milk-free, which is telling as well. I have slowly gone dairy and now gluten free. I didn't even think I was bloated before, but now I feel great. Strange, but great.

Searching said...

I def want a sweet potato enchilada recipe! I made sweet potato gnocchi awhile back and it was really good w/some cinnamon on it. I got the recipe online but will let you know if I find it. When I was gluten/sugar/dairy/corn/meat/preservative- free I really felt much better overall. They thought I had celiac's for 2y and there was no major chg in symptoms but there was an overall "aura" chg. Hard to explain but I think that's what it's like for you. Just overall feeling better, healthier, lighter. Processed foods are so heavy and ick on your body. (I say as I eat reduced fat crackers!) I'm eagerly following your hubby's progress since mine thinks all veggies are his mortal enemy!! He won't go vegan or even veggie, but if I can find ways to present more veggies in a way tastier to him that helps!

Amy said...

hey dude, once you are done with the detox, mike will love this new way of eating. I am on week 2 and have lost 5 lbs check it it's a college buddy of ours wifes food blog....paleo eating rules!! amazing whole foods, little dairy and lots of meat and veggies! LOVE IT!!

Katie said...

Yay- it sounds kind of like a low-carb diet, no? I checked the website out and saw bacon, fat, and bacon! LOL! Sounds right up M's alley!

We did low-carb six or seven years ago and were both successful on it. M lost something crazy like 60 pounds and I lost 30, BUT it wasn't something we could sustain long term. Of course, I couldn't totally be gluten/dairy free, either, so that wouldn't stop me form trying it. Good for you, Am! Keep it up!

Amy said...

Sort of....there's a ton of squash and sweet potatoes....and yes bacon, but with all the veggies and no dairy it counters the fat. It works dude and really tastes amazing! I am making that greek chicken tonight..yum!!