Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Four Month Sleep Regression, You Suck. Not-So-Fondly, Katie

Ugh. The Four Month Sleep Regression is here. Double ugh.

I have always found backslides in sleep to be one of the most frustrating things about parenthood. Emma had been sleeping great and I was really enjoying my full night of rest (knowing how lucky I was and thanking my stars for it every. single. night). So, when she woke up three times last Thursday night, I was hoping it was just a one-off.

It wasn't.

She's been up at least once every night since then. Which I realize is par for the course with a young newborn. But I still don't love it.

The only good thing about the Sleep Regression this time around is that I know, like everything else, it's just a phase. She (hopefully, fingers crossed, prayers fervently said) will sleep again.

And so will I.


Jen said...

I HATE sleep regression. I know its totally normal. BUT IT SUCKS! Just when you get used to sleeping reasonably again it hits. I think it is way worse than waking up with a brand new baby because at least you expect that. You never know when sleep regression will hit.

I hope it's temporary. I've got sick babies at home so I can relate to the exhaustion :(

HereWeGoAJen said...

I hate the sleep regressions with a passion. This one is the worst too. You can make it through! You can do it!