Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Constantly Constipated

Could you please answer me a question, dearest bloggy friends?

Why is it that Will can only poop in the bathtub?

This charming little trend started about two weeks ago. The first time he did it, I freaked. I am normally not really that much of a germaphobe, BUT he has taken to sucking on the washcloth that I put in the tub with him. So, if I am not quick, he is essentially sucking poo-water.

Of course, I immediately take him out of the tub, rinse him with fresh water, and then proceed with the rest of bedtime. After he is down, I then scrub out the tub. My mother says that I shouldn't worry, that it's only a phase, but he seems constipated much of the time. I give him prune juice mixed in with his rice cereal in the mornings and we have cut back on the bananas, even though he desperately loves them. We introduced sweet potatoes to get a bit more fiber and pears are next. With all of that, he still gets red and grunts a lot, with nothing but a bit of gas to show for it.

But if I want him to poop for sure, I can just place him in the tub, and zammo! Floaties.

I believe the water probably relaxes him, but I would like other methods of getting things moving. Advice gladly accepted.


Kim said...

I know a LOT of parents of little boys who swear by putting a warm washcloth on their belly, either in the tub or out. I'm not sure what it is with boys specifically, that causes them to have tummy issues. But I have heard that it works wonders!

If he has started food (I wasn't sure..), then you could try adding pears in if you haven't already, they really helped when B was a baby.

You can also do a lot of 'bicycling' with his legs, or 'pumping' them, or rubbing your hand down his tummy with slight pressure. Helping things along with some baby massage never hurts.

And lastly, this is entirely parent-to-parent and ped-to-ped, but a lot of pediatricians will recommend giving just a LITTLE bit of plain water, like an ounce a day - to 'loosen' things up.


i have to give carson 2 ounces of pear juice every afternoon! hope the problem resolves soon!

Lori said...

You said it at the end of your post. The bath relaxes him and he's able to go. The pediatrican actually told me to do that for my daughter. The other things that work are all the "P" foods. Peaches was a wonder for us.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

No assvice as I can't even get Lemy to eat actual food, but I'm thinking of you and hoping the pooping stops in the tub! ;)

Joy said...

Oh poor Will... and poor Mommy for having to clean up poo bathwater!!! We've all been there. Warm water relaxes the bowels. I always make Abby wait in her diaper while I fill the tub because she always pees when I fill the tub.

Anyway, rice is very constipating. Can you try switching to oatmeal now or does he have to have rice only?

Tree Top Apple Juice is one of the best de-cloggers. Also, as Kim said, your doctor may give you the okay to give him 1-2 ounces of plain water to help things along!

Fertilized said...

Oh goodness. I am sorry. I have nothing to offer

Amy said...

Hi Katie,

My sisters have all used Pear Juice. They say that it works wonders and better than the pears themselves for babies who are not quite ready for the pears. All of my sisters have at least 2 children each, and all have used it with great success.

I hope it helps and that little Will gets some relief very soon.


christine said...

A lot of the times it is the rice cereal. Try oatmeal instead.

Nicky said...

We have this problem as well, and our pediatrician said the same as your other commenters: pear juice. Actually, she told us to dilute the pear juice a little with some water, which gives him more liquid and less sugar, and doesn't get him as addicted to sweet tastes. We do 1 oz water with 2 oz pear juice, each afternoon.