Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clickin' Away

I was reading Lost and Found yesterday and saw an opening on the Clickers for Pregnancy After Infertility and or Loss L - M (Farah takes care of A - K). I really enjoy passing on the good news and helping support those in need, so I decided to contact Melissa and see if I could be the Clicker for that section. She was gracious enough to join me in the group.

These are the blogs that I will be covering as part of my "beat." This is very exciting, because I have read many of these blogs before, but there are some new names in there, too. Even though I will be responsible for passing on the information from these bloggers in particular, I will still be keeping up with everyone else on the sidebar. It may take me a couple of days to get up and running, so if you have something that you want communicated immediately, please send me an e-mail (link is in my profile). I look forward to meeting some new friends and celebrating with all of you.

The Land of the Infertile
Let the Fun Begin
let's make a baby!
Life as a Sandwich
Life in the South
Lightning in a Bottle
Lil' Juliebean
The Liminal Universe
Little Bits O'Cracker
Luck Doesn't Happen Twice
Making our baby (or babies!)
Max's Mommy
Missed Conceptions
Mission: Impossible, or adventures in infertility
Molli's IVF Story
The Momcaster
Mommy Someday?
Motherhood (the not so easy road)
Mrs Spock
Murphy is a Bastard
My Kick in The Ass
My Many Blessings
Nearlydawn... Nearlypregnant... Nearlyoutofsteam
Negative Lane
Nervous Breakdowns are Highly Underrated
No Longer Adopting: I'm pregnant!!
notes from the (formerly) infertile belly
One Day Two Day
One step at a time
Our Box of Rain
Our Dance With Infertility
Our journey to become good christian parents.
Our life
Peace of Mind is All I Want...
Pretty Kitties and a Chihuahua Too
princess smartypants
Problem Uterus
Quest for a baby
Relaxing Doesn't Make Babies
Reproductively speaking...
Sawdust & Diamonds
Serenity Now!
Shaken Mama
Sighing Softly
Slaying, Blogging, Whatever...
Starlit Dreams
The Sticky Bean Preconception Journal
Sticky Bun
Strawberry Wine and Clouds
T.K.O. ...more or less...
Taking the Statistical Bullet
Tales from My Dusty Ovaries
That was the plan
Three of a kind working on a full house...
To infertility and beyond
Trials of Heather
TTC with DH through IVF with AMA and a MF for a BFP
uterus monologues
Vacant Womb - No Vacancy!
Viva Olivia!
Waiting For Lily!! :)
The Waiting Game
Waiting on Two Pink Lines
The way I see it
We're just reproductively challenged!
Welcome to the Cysterhood
What to expect when you're not expecting
What to Expect When You're NOT Expecting
When all else fails...
Wishful Thinking
wishing...hoping...and praying


Geohde said...

That's a lotta blogs :)


Maria said...

Congratulations!! You're a clicker.

BrownEyedGirl said...

Congrats on the clicker job! :D

Thanks for the shout out. I'm such a blubbering mess, I started to cry when I saw it. :D You're so sweet! :D

Mel said...

Man, I sure hope I join your "beat" soon.

Anonymous said...

Holy cats! You've got lots o' blogs! You're a Clicker sister with Mel and I! :)

Jen said...

Phew...that's a big list!

moosk said...

looks like you're going to be very busy, darlin'! congrats on your new position!

Anonymous said...