Monday, February 21, 2011

Virtual Hugs

If you have a moment, can you go lend a thought to my dear friend at "Life in the Detours"?

She is 8dp5dt and getting very faint BFPS, but wishing they were stronger. . . and I am wishing and hoping that they soon will be. In any case, she needs some love, and that's what we do best here in the blogasphere!

ETA: There are two more women who need our love. Kellie lost her baby girl unexpectedly at four months old. And Joy's friend could use thoughts after experiencing a loss after a FET.


Joy@WDDCH said...

My sidebar isn't updating that people are putting up new posts; so aggravating! I just happened to come over anyway and saw this. My online friend needs some love, too. She just had an FET with a positive pregnancy that she is now miscarrying.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I hope that her line gets darker!

And so it goes said...

You are the best! Absolute best!

Thank you. For everything. But most of all for understanding this craziness.