Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Picture Worth One Word. . . FAIL

I guess I shouldn't say that it's a fail yet since I haven't seen the pictures, but we had our family pictures taken today and I do not have any hope for the results being good.

We had heard about this photographer from some friends who had their pictures done with her. I really liked her work and after finding out how reasonable her prices are, we booked a session. It happened to be her last session before the holiday season really kicks off and we could get the images back in time to do some pictures as gifts for our families.

In order to avoid the session being stressful, we went to Old Navy last weekend and picked out some fun sweaters and accessories. I didn't want to be "matchy-matchy", but I wanted to look coordinated. I put together a bag of essentials last night, including a comb, baby wipes, extra clothes, a fun textured blanket, and accessories for Emma. I felt as prepared as we could be.

What I couldn't prepare us for was the chilly temperatures (32 degrees) and the snow. Oh, yes, and since I have a four month old with no day time sleep organization, I could only pick a time that would work for Will and hope it would also work for her. It didn't. In fact, nothing seemed to work.

I should point out that Arlene was great. It wasn't her fault it was freakishly cold for November and that both of our kids were completely uninterested in having their picture taken. Emma cried whenever we tried to put in her in the fun basket or on the textured blanket. I can't really blame her, the poor thing was probably pretty cold. Will didn't want to pose or smile. He did have a brief moment of fun during a game of peekaboo, but other than that, he didn't want to be captured on film. At one point, M put his jacket on him and accidentally caught his poor pinky in the sleeve. At another, he fell down on some rocks. Emma had a red nose from the cold and basically was done after the first five minutes.

Anyway, I was pretty frustrated by the end, as I felt completely stressed during the entire thing and I just can't imagine that they turned out well. The kids were both a mess by the end, with tears streaming down both faces. I felt like we had wasted a Sunday and our money.

I do hope I am wrong and have some fabulous pictures to post soon.


peesticksandstones said...

Awww! I can totally, totally imagine this happening. Surely, however, in this age of digital photography, your photographer will have zillions of shots to choose from and surely there will be a few gems in there no matter what.

Still, I can relate to the disappointment, and of course after getting the clothing and whatnot. Bleh!

The one professional shot we've done so far that I thought went really well was one where the photographer came to our apartment -- and we all just hung out and were "ourselves". There weren't many official-looking posed portraits (lots of candid Coleman playing type things), but the ones we do have came out so relaxed and natural-looking -- I really treasure them as a record of who we really are.

In a similar vein, I do think these 'Scared of Santa' photos gone wrong are way cooler and more interesting than the "good" ones where kids are smiling!

Of course, none of this is MY kid... :)

Ms. J said...

It's SO hard to coordinate everybody looking pleasant at the same time, so please don't be too hard on yourself.

We actually managed a decent family photo at Ta.rget last week (great prices, indoors, maybe give it a try?). Peanut's individual photo was nice. Lil Pumpkin's? Eh, not so much - SHE was my problem child at the photo shoot. Usually I am the problem, blinking, fake smile, etc.

So here's my new strategy when it comes to photos . . . each year I shall strive for ONE nice family photo, and one nice photo of each of my girls. Even I can get one of them together, then Mazel Tov!

I can never be photographed outdoors because I squint if there is so much as a light bulb near me.

Amy said...

dude, I am sure she had rapid fire shooting going on and captured way more then you think. That's what she gets paid for! If you get 30 great shots out of the 300 she prob took then you didn't fail nor did your photog! Can't wait to see!!

TheLastAsylum said...
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Mel said...

So, yea, I just went through this. Our photography day was HORRENDOUS! Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. And? She got about 5 amazing shots that I cannot wait to frame or even put on canvas. Photographers are usually pretty amazing. Fingers crossed she gets some good shots.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I bet you got some good ones! I can't wait to see them. And if not, I bet there are some adorable TERRIBLE pictures in there.

justme said...

Does she know how you feel? She might be inclined to offer a quick makeup session . . .at your house, maybe? Just a thought. Here's hoping she finds a beautiful silver lining from that dreary day. :)

Katie said...

A - I just wish that YOU lived close enough to take our pictures!

And JustMe, I want to wait and see if I am completely wrong about the pictures before I ask for anything else. Afterall, it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong (though don't let M hear me admit that - LOL).

Rebecca said...

Yes, but one day, you'll look back at this imperfect picture and treasure the memory. Sometimes you find the perfection in the imperfect. That's why I always put the outtakes up on my blog...they're funnier (and more memorable) than the "perfect" picture. Is there really any such thing as a "perfect picture" with kids?

Ease up on yourself!!!