Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weighty Matters

I am three months post-partum and tired of looking more pregnant than I did at six months. Though I have lost the official Baby Weight, I am still a bit heavier than I would like, and completely out of shape. The worst part is the ridiculous gut that I am hauling around. I have a reverse fat shelf.

Now I know that it will shrink in time, but I would like to do something to help nature along. I also am aware that having a c-section increases the time for things to "go back" to normal (and that they really never will).

I am walking almost daily, pushing the double stroller going at least two miles, one mile of that up a pretty steep hill. But I know that I need to do more. Much more. Before I got pregnant with Emma, I was regularly walking 5 - 7 miles, at least four times per week. I wasn't in great shape, but I was in decent shape and was pretty happy with how I looked.

About five years ago, I regularly did the Firm. I loved it. I loved the relatively quick workout (45 minutes) and the fact that didn't need a lot of equipment, just the step box and hand weights, which I already have. It didn't happen overnight, but I did get awesome results.

I am considering dusting off the DVDs and step box and getting back to what worked before. But I also have heard some good things about other videos, most specifically P90X and the Shred. P90X is spendy and I have heard the Shred is very difficult.

I am wanting to know two things:

1) What programs have you used? Were you successful and what did it really take?

2) Is anyone interested in doing a program "with" me? I am kind of thinking of starting November 1. I would post "Before" pictures and starting stats and then will post daily (or as often as possible) progress notes. I can link to those interested in doing the same. I think this will really keep me accountable. I know the holidays might throw us all off track, but at least we can try to get the ball rolling. I don't think we'd have to do the same program, it's more just having people to commiserate with.

Okay, weigh in. Pun so intended!


Anonymous said...

Ive used weight watchers to help with my caloric intake. And it always seems to work. Im starting the C25K plan on November 1.

And just for the record...I look exactly like I did at 16 weeks pregnant with No. Ugh.

Debby said...

i've never done it myself, but have heard some GREAT things about results with Jillian's 30 day shred. It has a couple of different levels and packs a great punch in a short time ( i believe all workouts are 30 mins long - which is great for we mommies!)

I did p90x in the summer of 09 to lose the last of grayson weight. while it was a great workout, it focused on just building muscle, not shedding fat...which is what i needed. I plan on getting into p90 again...but not until i've shed a good bit of the fat...then want to use p90 for the toning of all the flabby skin. the other thing about p90 is most workouts are an hour - with 1 of the days (yoga) being 90 minutes! i felt like last time i did it, it bulked me up in a few places I'd rather have shed. but it is an awesome workout - and muscle does help burn fat.

And wow to how much you walk every day! I'm sure you're in better shape than you think from doing that with the stroller!

or, another option...train for the disney half marathon with me! :-)

Aaryn said...

I've been doing the 30 day shred. I used it differently than intended though. I worked my way up to level 3 at my own pace. When I felt comfortable I would do sections 2 and 3 for a great workout. Now I'm trying to get back in to the hang of things and switching off between sections 2 and 3. What I like about the shred is it's quick (20 min of actual working out, the rest is warm up and cool down), I also subscribe to SHAPE and Fitness and all the "new" moves are things in this DVD. Besides that, I've had friends tell me they can see a difference.

On top of that, I do WW. WW was a miracle for me. While going through fertility treatments I actually lost 10 lbs by working out extremely hard. After having the baby (13 months ago) yes, the number on the scale was halfway between my original pre-treatment weight and my weight before conceiving, so number wise it wasn't terrible. But I was wearing maternity pants when my baby was 9 months old, and i had a terrible muffin top. In June I joined WW and have lost 10 lbs, I've never been this weight before and there's no more muffin top!!!!!

I'm interested in doing P90x after the next baby (hopefully soon!)My plan is to join WW much earlier, lose the weight and use the P90x to tone up, especially my mid sections b/c i have that annoying flab on my hips- ugh!

I would definitely do the 30-Day shred "with" you...but I can't jump in to P90x right now (we're doing a transfer in Nov.) I know people now who are doing P90x and they love it- they said even within one week they can see a difference, but I have heard that it is a common complaint from women that they get too bulky- but that's all a matter of perspective.

All in all- I swear by WW :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

Eh, I'm no help. I joined a gym once, but then it closed and I haven't been anywhere since.

Amy said...

PX90 will change your life! You will have a six pack after the first 3 weeks PROMISE!! Get it!!! Muscle confusion is the only way..otherwise you plateau....good luck ma!

Busted said...

I HATED the shred. Hated it. Did it religiously, had zero results, and seriously wanted to bludgeon Jillian. Part of it may be that since I'm heavier, the focus on strengh in the shred doesn't work for me, I need more real cardio.

So, what HAS worked for me is the Moms Into Fitness Series, specifically the Postnatal Bootcamp. It's a similar concept to the shred, in that it's short bursts of differing activities, but it's more aerobic, the instructor is INFINITELY more likeable and friendly and it has more variety.

In the interest of full disclosure, I went to high school with the instructor but that's not why I like her videos or tell others to get them. They're just really good workouts and specifically geared at getting back into shape post partum. Plus, Lindsay (the instructor) is an IF/IVF survivor!

Busted said...

P.S. - I'm also doing WW online which has helped with portion control, but as far as exercise, the Moms Into Fitness helped me get over a plateau and in weeks when I do more of it I can tell that I can eat more and still lose.

Mel said...

I thought the Shred was awesome. The best part is the time commitment is practically nothing, like 20 minutes a day. It def burned muscles I hadn't worked in a while. It took me some time to build up to a new level and I did eventually have to put music on and mute Jillian. I like her, but her on repeat day after day is awful.

I've know several people that did P90X. Its great, if you can commit that much time and energy to it. Almost everyone I know gave up on it less than a month it.

Personally? Running is my thing. That plus breast feeding did everything I wanted post partum. I imagine its probably difficult to coordinate with two, but if you can get 30 minutes of time to do it, I'd recommend. Or find a treadmill. It's the best overall calorie burn ever.

Good luck!

Kathy said...

I have also had lots of success with Jillian Michael's DVDs, combined with running 5K routes in my neighborhood one or more times a week and calorie counting (with an app I bought for my iPhone).

I recently stopped calorie counting, since I was in my target weight zone, but did it consistantly from June - September and it was worth the time and effort! If I hadn't had the app on my phone, I probably would've joined Weight Watchers. In the past I had always had success with just watching my portion sizes and not eating too many (if any) sweets and not a ton of alcohol. But this time around, since I was (and am) still nursing Abby, I knew I needed to be sure I wasn't eating too little. So I thought calorie counting would allow me to monitor that I was still eating plenty for her too.

Also, my sister and so friends started a Google document in June 2008 (after I had Molly) that we call "Getting in Shape Club." At the time we were getting in shape for my sister's September 2008 wedding. We used it to log our weight on the scale daily (I know there is debate about if it is "good" to do this, but it works for me), our daily exercise and then we have a section for "discussion/venting/encouraging each other, etc." We have kept it up over the years and it helped me to monitor my weight gain and then loss on the way up and back down during my pregnancy and post-partumn after having Abby.

I have done the 30 day Shred twice since May and recently got two of Jillian Micahel's other DVDs (No More Trouble Zones and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. With the Shred I worked up to Level 3 and then started alternating each level once per week (usually every other day) and on the "off" days I would run or do some other form of cardio (ride an exercise bike or power walk).

As someone else said, the Shred is great for busy moms, as it is literally ONLY 27 mins. from start to finish and a great workout at that! The other two that I just got are longer (55 mins. each), but AWESOME workouts! One is focused on strength training/toning and the other more so on cardio, but both do some of both, if that makes sense.

The Jillian Michael's DVDs are challenging, but if you are also watching what you eat while doing them, I think you can/will see dramatic results! :) I know so many people (including myself) that have had great success using them.

When Abby drops her morning nap I intend to go back to taking and teaching group fitness classes, which I also really enjoy, as I love to workout with others, which I think is great for motivation and accountability. However, in the meantime these DVDs and cross training with running (and other forms of straight cardio) has works for me.

You can do this! I know it is A LOT of hard work, but it is worth it to get in back in and then stay in shape! You will feel and be healthier. I am finally almost back to my pre-IVF weight of later 2006 - early 2007!!! :) It took me a long time to get here, but if feels great to look the way I want to, fit into my "skinny clothes again" and be all around healthier! GOOD LUCK and keep us posted!