Friday, October 1, 2010

The Two Month Appointment

Emma is 10 weeks, but we just had her two month appointment yesterday. That's always strange to me, that the months and weeks are off. Oh, and her pediatrician didn't have any appointments last week, so we were also another week off due to that.

Anyway, the appointment. Emma is growing like a weed. She is smack in the middle of percentiles for weight and height and her growth curve looks perfect. Her noggin is a little above average, which our pediatrician likes to say means her little brain is growing well. I just think my kiddos have big heads, but it's nice of her to put it so politely!

Everything looks great. Dr. S commented on her head control (I guess it's really good) and her really "open" ear canals (random). She did have a yeast infection in her diaper area (common) and some oral thrush (also super common), so we had to start meds for that. Fortunately, I haven't had any issues with my nipples feeling infected, but I still get to paint on the oral meds on the girls just as a precaution and we have to boil bottle nipples and binkies. Fortunately, she doesn't use a lot of either, so it's not a lot of work.

Emma got three of the four required vaccinations, they were out of the fourth, so we'll have to go back for that. She screamed like a banshee and only Da Boob would calm her. She was pretty sleepy right after that, but by the afternoon, oh MY. She was not pleased with life and cried nonstop for a few hours. She did have a fever from the vaccinations and I don't think she felt well. Finally, I just took her to bed with me and let her nurse until she was quiet and content. We got her down by 8:30 last night, which is the earliest she has been to bed. But I can't complain about our little girl's sleep. She routinely is sleeping through the night now, from 9:30 PM - 8:00 AM. Before you hate me too much, I will add that she does not take any naps without being held. Even her swing won't do. It's the Ergo or my arms or possibly the car if she's in a giving mood, but she is a picky napper. I have gotten her to take a few naps here and there in the crib, but it's the exception, not the rule. Even when she does sleep, she is a total cat napper. Dr. S explained that it's probably because she is getting so much restorative sleep at night and doesn't need the naps as much.

She congratulated us on a good sleeper, but reminded me that it can all change at about fourth months. Ah, the dreaded sleep regression. I already was well-aware of this, thanks to Will's antics at that age, but she also said that some babies just lock into a good sleep pattern and stick with it. We'll see. She has already exceeded all of my sleep expectations, and I know I can handle the regression if it comes.

I was feeling a bit guilty that we were still at a 2 - 3 hour feeding schedule, rather than a 3 - 4 hour one, but Dr. S reminded me that because she is not getting any feedings a night, we are having to put all of her daily requirements during the day. She said that I have to keep in mind that most young infants are still getting at least one feed per night at this age, so it's okay that she is still eating so often during the day. That was nice to hear and made me feel better.

Young infant. That means that I don't really have a newborn anymore. I guess they are technically newborns until 12 weeks, but we are at the 11 week mark tomorrow. She is too big for most newborn outfits now and I have noticed even a few of the 0 - 3 outfits getting a big snug. This causes such a myriad of feelings in me, it's hard to put it into words. I was dreading this newborn phase (in terms of logistics with a toddler and lack of sleep) and it has literally flown by. I do think I have enjoyed Emma's newborn phase far more than Will's. I have been so much more relaxed and less anxious. I definitely have to credit her sleeping so well so that I can sleep. Honestly, I know I am pretty fortunate. How many people with a 2 month old and a 2 year old can say that they are sleeping through the night? Not too many.

She's healthy, we're sleeping. Life is pretty good.


It is what it is said...

I always love reading the posts where you share the worry of parenting two and the concern over the newborn phase (since I think of both, a lot, as we move through the adoption process).

Glad to hear everyone is coming along!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Wonderful! I'm glad (but not surprised) that Emma is doing so well.