Friday, March 16, 2012

For Rebecca

First of all, I just want to say thank you to It Is What It Is and Mel for sending so many readers my way. It reminded me of the special beauty of the ALI community. You are all amazing and wonderful people. Thank you.

Second of all, my friend, Rebecca (Yes, that is her real name. If you are praying for her, then you get to know her real name.) is doing "well". It's funny, I was with my coworker yesterday when her husband called me with an update. I got off the phone and I was so excited, I said, "Rebecca is doing really well! She is still on the ventilator and in a medically induced coma, but..."

And we both started laughing, because, really, when ELSE would those things be consdered "really well"? And the answer is when the sentence ends with ... "It looks like she is going to make it!"

They were able to do a second surgery yesterday morning where they were able to confirm that the larger clots are now at a size that can be removed safely. So they did! And they were able to get 99% of the other, smaller clots as well. They were able to remove the catheters that were putting the clot-busting medications into her lungs and then put in a filter, which will stop other clots from making their way into her lungs.

The reason for the ventilator is because of the extreme trauma her lungs have gone through. And when you are on a ventilator, they keep you sedated because it is scary to be on a ventilator and most people will try to pull the tubing out. So they are going to give her body another day to rest, but they have already started decreasing the medications they are giving her that are keeping her under, and they will attempt to extubate her at some point today.

A lot of people panic when they first come out of a coma like this and fight the removal of the vent and/or hyperventilate when it is actually removed. So they then have to re-sedate them and try again another day. But that wouldn't be unusual or a sign of bad things. It is just the way our bodies work. She will likely be off the ventilator by Saturday or Sunday. Then they will give her another day or so in the ICU to make sure she is truly stable off of it. Her kidney function is also having a bit of trouble rebounding, so they are watching that, but given what her body has been through in the past 48 hours, it really isn't troubling at this point.

Then it will be down to the regular hospital floor for a few days. From there. . . she might have to transfer to a rehabilitation center, just depending on how her heart and lungs are doing. They took a real beating these past couple of days. Her cardiologist is concerned about some things, but considering where she was two days ago? Well, we will just having to face the issues as they come.

But we are talking about a FUTURE here. It is uncertain, her recovery will be long, and there will be moments of fear, I'm sure. But she is going to have a FUTURE. This isn't the end.

So thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers to this point. I am truly blessed by this community, time and time again. Please keep those thoughts and prayers coming for my friend and her husband as they face the long road ahead. But there IS a road ahead and I am just so very grateful for that. And for Rebecca.


Laura said...

Just catching up. And oh my gosh. I'm so glad that things are looking up for Rebecca. My prayers will be with her, her husband and family, and for her friends like you that are more like family. Peace to you.

EmHart said...

I have been checking back regularly because your story yesterday really touched me. I am so glad that so far things are looking better. I will continue to be thinking of you all and wishing for her swift recovery.

Mo and Will said...

so, so glad to read this. so glad. mo

Anonymous said...

thank you for updating about your friend. what a relief that there is progress to be seen! i hope she continues along, doing well.

HereWeGoAJen said...

That's wonderful, I am so glad she is doing well!

It Is What It Is said...

It is such a relief to read this. I have NOT stopped thinking about her, the fragility of life, or the cruel turns it sometimes takes since reading your post yesterday. And, as I was having my own surgery this morning, I was thinking of her and how my situation was nothing in comparison.

Thank you so much for posting an update, and such a great one at that, and I hope you'll continue as she makes progress. She will remain front of mind for me. God bless her, her husband, and those who love her.

Orodemniades said...

Great update!

meemawfish said...

I will pray for Rebecca and her family.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I'm glad things are looking up...that is so scary.