Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Then and Now

Recently, quite a few of my blog friends have been having their second babies (I only linked to two, because the others are PWP). Most of these ladies have been with me from the beginning (or close to it), so it has been nice to watch their journies continue on to #2. All of them, of course, are rocking the mom to two thing. Hardly surprising, since they are awesome mommies to begin with.

Of course, watching them brings a mix of emotions to me. First and foremost, I am so freakin' happy for them. It really is a special (if a bit crazy) time bringing home a baby. There is also a bit of sadness thrown in, because I know some really amazing ladies for whom #2 hasn't happened yet, and I can imagine following these stories is more than a little bittersweet. It also makes me a eensy bit jealous. I don't really want a third, but that newborn phase is so fleeting that it makes me wistful that I'll never have it again. Lastly, in total conflict, it makes me a bit glad that I will never have that again. As wonderful as that newborn phase is, it is also incredibly hectic, exhausting, and emotionally draining, and I love sleep.

Where I am today is good.

I am really into a rhythm with my two. I am not at all afraid about going anywhere with them by myself. I am not the stay at home type of stay at home mom, so I was concerned about this heading into #2. I needn't have been. I go everywhere with my monkeys. Everywhere.

Our life has settled into a somewhat predictable routine. I am not nearly as. . . well, let's just say it . . . CRAZY about scheduling everything like I was with Will, but I still do like to keep things similar from day to day. I think kids like that predictability, and even if they don't, I do. I like knowing when I can schedule appointments and such and when I will have some (precious) Mommy-time!

Emma is beginning to truly communicate what she wants. She has a few words she can say, but her latest, "BITE!" when she is hungry is very convenient! This girl is hungry a LOT. She also can gesture wildly to things he wants (binky, sippy cup, toy her brother is playing with, etc.). Will is almost three (time needs to stop, I am serious) and talk about communication! Whew! He is also getting more independent by the day and can get himself (mostly) dressed, shoes off or on, and help me with all sorts of small chores. So, life gets easier as the two of them get older.

I felt as if the first year of Emma's life went by in an impossibly fast blur. I seriously don't know how a year passed us. She was born and then pop! she was turning one. I can only imagine this next year will scoot by even faster. I am trying to enjoy every moment, but I will admit, I often feel as if an entire day slips by without me even realizing it.

The other day, we were driving someplace when Will sneezed. Emma laughed. So then Will fake sneezed and Emma laughed again. Then. . . she faked a sneeze! Then Will laughed. They had each other in belly laughs within a few minutes. M and I were up front laughing, too. It's those moments that everything kind of slips together and freeze frames. And those moments are crazy incredible. They are worth every shot in the stomach, every failed cycle, every time in the strirrups, everything. But I am no longer in that place, that then. I thank God for that every single day.

To steal the line from a very cheesy American Idol song, "This is my now."


Jen said...

Life with two is so very crazy for me. When Jillian reached 15 months life felt like it was reaching some sort of reasonable pace. I can't say the same with Hayden reaching 15 months. I also find that Hayden, despite being such a quiet newborn, has become quite the insistent toddler. She is very loud and lets you know what she thinks. It is no wonder...she has to be loud in order to get heard at our house these days!

Anonymous said...

They are just too adorable!

And kudos to you for being able to handle outings with them both! I hadn't realized how difficult just getting groceries could be until I had the fussbox in one arm and the pacifier in the other while trying to push the cart with my belly. And I only have one. :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

It makes me very happy to hear that you've gotten to your now. :)

Searching said...

Sounds like life is going quite well for your little family. :) The kids are both so adorable, as is their momma!!

Anonymous said...

This is very encouraging/inspiring to hear. I know we very much hope to have a #2, but then I worry I jinx our chances of success with all my fears/uncertainty about how we'll actually logistically handle two. Especially living in a city where we do everything on foot or by subway.

Can definitely relate to that weird mix of longing AND relief when watching other people with their newborns. I sometimes thing that, rather than wishing I had an endless supply of actual newborns, I would love it if I could just re-live/rewind back (only for a few mins at a time - ha) my son's tiny baby days, any time I wanted. I was so frazzled with disbelief that he was even ours for, like, the first 6 months or so that I sometimes feel I barely soaked in any of the experience!