Monday, August 1, 2011

Because Sometimes, A Girl Needs A List

Sometimes, I look back at the day and I think, "What did I DO today?"

I saw this on A'dell's blog and thought it was pure genius. Because it reminds me that I actually AM doing something each day. . . even when it doesn't seem like it.

1. Woke up before the kids so I could make M breakfast (peanut butter on toast - hardly gourmet, don't be impressed).

2. Showered (you're welcome, World).

3. Made breakfast for both kids. Cleaned up (as in, tossed all dishes in the sink - the dishwasher was full).

4. Got both kids sunscreened, dressed, and ready for the day.

5. Got myself dressed and ready for the day.

6. Fed and put the dog out.

7. Went to have three estimates done on the car for brakework. Ugh. (But apparently vying for Top Secret Mom of the Year of Award, I took them to a park during each estimate - I have a feeling I will be waiting for my trophy for quite some time. . .)

8. Went to a friend's house for lunch so Will could play.

9. Put both kids down for a nap.

10. Put away folded laundry FROM SATURDAY (okay, so my TSM award might just be taken away for the delay).

11. Put a new load of laundry in the wash.

12. Played with both kids.

13. Made dinner for both kids. And didn't really clean up because I will be making dinner for M and myself later on.

14. Bath for both kiddos. This is where M comes into the picture and I come down to blog and do other non-kid-related things.

Still to be accomplished: Research "sour dough bread starters" (also from A'dell's blog) and think (notice I said THINK) about doing that. Put both kids to bed. Have a "dinner date at home" with the husband. Lots of Little Things that will bore you (like fold laundry).

What did you do today? What is left to be done?


HereWeGoAJen said...

I know, I felt so accomplished when I wrote it all out. Before that I was thinking "eh, not much."

Jen said...

Doesn't it feel like our days are non-stop? Let's see yesterday I:

woke up at 4:30am and got ready for work

left for work with DH (we carpool) at 5:30am

arrived at work at 6:00am and worked until 3:45pm.

picked up the kids from Grandma's at 4:30pm

got home, changed clothes, changed kids' clothes, got back in the car to go to Red Robin for DH's birthday.

Went to Home Depot

Got home about 7:15pm. Clipped coupons until MIL came over with cheesecake for DH. Yum!

Bathed kids

Put Jillian to bed

Unloaded/loaded dishwaster, got everything ready to start pizza dough in breadmaker for tomorrow's dinner, picked up living room and kitchen (DH helped after I bitched)

Watched Weeds and half of the Big C before I just could stay awake anymore at 10pm.

Took Hayden and we all went to bed since her sleeping habits are crap and we're all just too tired to deal with it.

Phew! I'm feeling more productive all ready. What I really want to know is whether it ever gets easier :)

RoseAnn said...

What's sad is that if I actually write my list, I get tons done from 5 AM to 7 AM and then not so much from 7:30 - 5...when I'm supposed to be working! LOL

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Today I made a huge mess in preparation for painting a bedroom and then putting it all back together again.

Took trash out to curb, put laundry in laundry room, made food for kiddos, changed diapers, did the dishes (no dishwasher here), worked on my Etsy shop and worked on orders.

Still need to paint the room and shower!