Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting Out

So, the Inaugral Bloggers' Night Out was this past Saturday. I got the opportunity to meetface-to-face with some amazing women who have walked the path of infertility.

The drive down to dinner was strange. I had butterflies in my tummy. It was weird to be actually meeting people that I have never "met," but know so intimately. There is also the teensy tiny detail that I share an obnoxious amount of information here and I was all of a sudden all too aware of that fact!

I got there first, got a table, and was seated. And then one-by-one, everyone else arrived.


Jen is one of my longest-time blogging buddies. She is just as warm and personable face-to-face as she is over her blog. She is one of those people you just feel instantly comfortable with. She is one of those "real" people that you can just be yourself around.


She is a great listener and one of those people that I just can't wait to get to know even better. She is just so nice and you can tell how much she adores her babies. She also looks a-freakin-mazing mere months after an extended bedrest and delivering the twins.

Ludicrous Mama

She had me laughing from instant one with her "tell it like it is" attitude. She always has something to say and it's usually hilarious! I "knew" her the least of all of the bloggers, but I am hooked on her blog now, especially her Muffin Tin Meals.

Anonymous Blogger

One of the bloggers in attendance prefers not to be identified so I can't say much, but I love, love, love this girl. She is just starting her first IVF cycle and I am so excited to follow her journey.

What was amazing is that I have always wondered how "real" people are in their blogs. I mean, I know I am pretty honest here and try to be who I am, but there is always a certain amount of self-editing that takes place. But when we got together, you could see the personalities shining through. Everyone was just as real - and as wonderful - in person as they are through their blogs.

It was an incredible experience to meet these wonderful women in real life. At one point, Anonymous Blogger pointed out that there were five women in attendance and eight children between us all. Eight miracles who prove that there are happy endings to the sad story of infertility.

Thank goodness for the blogosphere and the wonderful women (and men!) in it!


It is what it is said...

It is so awesome that you had this experience and that it turned out to be such a positive one. While I have never met in person anyone whose blog I follow, I have met several women from infertility, bed rest, myomectomy (I had two), fibroid, and donor egg groups I belong to. It is a lovely way to make IRL friends from the Internet.

Girl power!

Jen said...

It was a ton of fun and I'm so glad that I finally got to meet you in person. It's like OMG...she really exists!

Ms. J said...

I'm jealous. Sigh. I remember how gratifying it was to meet StudentRNTiffany when I was out your way. (That darn baby messed up you attending, hee hee).

Searching said...

How fun! I have a number of very dear friends who crossed my paths via the internet. Stayed at several of their houses, including one a world away. If I were headed your way I think I would step out of anonymity just so I could see your sweet face and squish those beautiful babies of yours. :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

How fun! I love meeting bloggers in person.

Sunny said...

It was so wonderful to meet you face-to-face, too, Katie. The warm heart that is present in your blog shines even more in person. Your kids are fortunate to have such a beautiful mother -- inside and out -- to guide them through life.

Already looking forward to the spring!

Ludicrous Mama said...

I had a surprisingly great time, considering I was expecting a little awkwardness and uncomfortableness, considering I didn't really "know" any of you, but you mostly knew each other. Plus, you know. An emotionally-charged, personal subject.
But it was so, so nice to talk to people who KNOW. The only other people I ever encountered with these issues (that I KNEW about) were at the doc's office, which just didn't seem like the right place to start chit-chatting up new friends. Plus, they might be getting pregnant, and I might not, which would make me hate them. Just a little.

Ludicrous Mama said...

Okay. A lot.