Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot Child In the City

Gah, is it ever hot.

It doesn't really get very hot in the northwest. A "hot" day is 80. We are fortunate not to have much humidity, either. It is our pleasant summer weather that makes our gray, drizzly winters worth it.

So, when it gets in the 90's, people pretty much wilt here. Very few people actually have air conditioning in their homes. It's just not really worth it for the occasional times when it gets unbearable.

When it gets into the 100's, as it did today. . . well, watch out. People are desperate for anything that will cool them down. I passed Costco at 9:15 this morning (it opens at 10 AM), and there was already a long line of people waiting for the 40 air conditioning units that were being put out on the floor today. I actually ended up talking to someone later on today who happened to be in that line. They didn't get a unit.

Will does all right with the heat. We have one portable air conditioner ourselves and it is in his room, so while the rest of our house in in the high 80s, his room is a lovely 70. When he isn't napping, I make sure to keep him very hydrated, with pedialyte mixed with his water. We escaped to a bookstore today and had lunch at a deli, just so we could stay in air conditioning.

I feel like a wrung out, sweaty old blanket after battling this heat all day. We have two more days of this extreme weather and then it should settle down. Fingers crossed.


Jen said...

We need our air conditioning here. Otherwise we would all melt.

Denise said...
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In Search of Morning Sickness said...

(Sorry - that was me posting with my "personal" blog name)
I have a dear friend who lives right outside Seattle, and she's been saying the EXACT same things... Unbearable is how it sounds! Hope it cools off soon! You're a good mommy to keep Will's room so nice and him hydrated.

Fertilized said...

I can't imagine life w/o A/C. I would hav died long ago. We too, are having an unfortunately hot hot hot sweltering summer. I am staying cool with sitting in kiddie pools! It's the best.

Hope it passes for you soon

Joy said...

I hope it gets better! In the Midwest, we obviously have A/C. But for those who DON'T have central air, oh I feel for them! It seriously is really hard. Keep hydrated!

Nancy Jones said...

I live in Redmond, WA and it was 106 in our backyard last night. I gotta tell you, the central air we put in 2 years ago is worth EVERY penny we spent on it! I hate heat and after living with A/C in California for most of my life, it was essential to my mental health to add it here. We've never regretted it!

Mrs. Piggy said...

No air? Oh dear LORD. I would up and move. Immediately.

I sent you a message on FB...asking if you were taking the statistical bullet Katie...please friend me. Please. Please.