Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank Goodness

We learned two things for certain yesterday:  Drew does have a murmur.  But it is benign.  No further testing is needed at this point.  He will not need surgery or any medications.  We will follow up with the pediatric cardiologist at one year, but other than that, he seems to have a perfectly fine heart! 

Thank. Goodness.

We are still investigating the hypotonia.  But he has been doing a lot better with tummy time and the tongue is the only major sign of hypotonia (though there are other small signs).  And a tongue can stick out for a variety of reasons, even simply because it is too big for his mouth or just because he likes to do that. 

We will be following up after the New Year with our pediatrician to discuss next steps, but for the next few days we can just breathe deep sighs of relief.


Beth said...

Phew! You all have been on my mind and in my heart so much this week! Wonderful news.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Great! I have been worrying!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness!

MyRoseAmongThorns said...

Thank Goodness!!!

Sunny said...

YAY! I have been checking here often, waiting for your update. Glad all is well.