Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I had my 37 week appointment today.  My platelets were the highest they have been in several weeks at 99k.  No rhyme or reason to this, other than with thrombocytopenia of pregnancy, they tend to bounce in the 90 - 100k range.  This trend increases the likelihood that I will be awake for the c-section, so I am glad for it.

I had been having some pretty painful (having to breathe through them) contractions throughout the day, so it was good timing to have an appointment.  The NP checked me and I am 3 cm dilated!  Now, a woman can walk around for weeks this dilated, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything.  However, while she was examining me, I had three more contractions (about five minutes apart).  She told me to go home, monitor the situation, and if the contraction pattern continues, she wants me back in L&D for monitoring tonight. 

So. . . it could be baby time pretty soon here!

Or, the contractions, which have slowed down in the past hour, could continue to slow down and nothing could come of it.  But in any case, the countdown is on!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Try and wait until Thursday and we can have babies together.