Monday, September 10, 2012

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

My platelets did not go back up, they basically stayed the same at 90,000.  This was enough to make my OB comfortable with the fact that this is a true diagnosis of pregnancy thrombocytopenia, a completely harmless condition related to pregancy which will resolve in the days after delivery.  Women with this condition rarely have counts that go below 80,000, which means that I will not be at any risk for complications during the c-section.

I will still have to likely be put under a general, but he did tell me that some of the anesthesiologists will agree to do a spinal if the patient has a long record of platelet counts that never show that drop beneath 80,000.  He said he would talk with the providers and see, but no guarantees.

I was discharged on normal activity with the expectation that I will have bloodwork every Monday and Thursday until Andrew arrives.  If the counts ever get below 70,000, I will be readmitted and we will proceed in the direction of a c-section, especially if it is after 36 weeks.

It was weird to leave the hospital.  The last few days have been a rollercoaster.  From the crazy call from the nurse telling me to scoot to the hospital, to the low count on Saturday, to the contractions yesterday. . . . we went from discussing the logistics of a pre-mature baby and coordinating my post-op recovery to . . . Back to our regularly scheduled program as if it all never happened.  My hormones probably didn't help, either.

You know that feeling you have when you leave the hospital with your newborn?  How nothing really matters outside of the realm of feeding, diapering, calming, and bonding with your new baby?  Time and date doesn't matter, it all kind of stops?  I felt that way when we were leaving the hospital, only there was no baby, and no real reason for the suspension of reality.  It took me a bit of time to acclimate.

I still feel tired (exhaustion is a side effect of the thrombocytopenia), but my swelling is completely gone and my feet look normal.  I am continuing to have semi-regular contractions, but they build to a crescendo and stop just as I am about to call triage.

The kids were so happy to see me and I to see them.  It was good to get home, even better to climb into my own comfortable bed.  I will enjoy tonight, with no midnight blood draws, followed by 4 AM vitals.  But I will miss having no choice but to lounge around and have someone bring me food on a regular schedule!

And no later than one month from tomorrow, platelet count regardless, Andrew will be joining us!


Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

I'm so behind on what has been going on! I'm glad your platelets are rising!!! Keep on baking baby. I hope you won't have to have general anesthesia but I know that ultimately being safe is the best thing and being prepared is half the battle. I'll be praying for you and little guy!

HereWeGoAJen said...


Sunny said...

Thank goodness for the regularly scheduled programming. Glad you and Andrew are okay!

Anonymous said...

Catching up on all the hospital posts... glad your platelets leveled off and you were released! I had thrombocytopenia during my last pregnancy. I had to have frequent platelet checks and then things got fun the morning of delivery when they dropped 10k overnight :) The good news is it almost always resolves within a few days after delivery!

Hope they will stay high enough to not need general!