Friday, February 20, 2009

Hello, Old "Friend"

With the introduction of solids and sleeping through the night, Will dramatically decreased his nursing starting around the first of the year. He now usually has an early morning feed, a late morning feed, a midafternoon feed, then an evening feed. He can easily go four hours (or more) between sessions, since he has the solids in between (I stagger them because I find he will not eat solids well right after having breastmilk and vice versa). Also, when he nurses, he tends to be pretty distracted, with the exception of the early morning and evening feeds, when he goes to town. So, the daytime feedings have gotten pretty short.

About two weeks ago, I felt some strange "zingy" feelings in the netherregions and something peculiar came out on the TP - EWCM! I kind of forgot about it. Yesterday, I was a little more moody and emotional than usual, but attributed it to the stress over giving my resignation.

This morning, I was revisted by my old "friend." Yes, Dear Readers, after not seeing her for 15 wonderful months, AF has come to town.

I think the strangest thing is that despite the usual mild annoyance at having my period, and the fact that it's a little crampier than usual, I really have no feelings about this bleeding. I am not devastated because it's not signaling the end of a pregnancy. I am not sad because we are not currently TTC. It's just. . . a period. That feels kind of nice.


Mel said...

I bet.... I told Husband the other day when we caught a cheesy tampon commercial on TV that I cannot imagine what it will be like to have a period again right now. It's been so long and my body was so unpredictable before pregnancy. I am so curious to see how it works post pregnancy.

Fertilized said...

The mental vacation makes you feel really good doesn't it.

Geohde said...

"Just a period"

That's so nice to read....



Joy said...

Well that EWCM 2 weeks ago definitely meant ovulation! Bummer about AF but looks like your body is getting back.

Tracy said...

I'm so glad...that it feels nice, that is. Not that you got your period. Well, you know what I mean anyway.

Sounds like my kiddos are on the same schedule as your Will. Evan, especially, has had little interest in his bottle anymore since starting solid foods. It feels like a constant struggle to figure out what schedule will work the best with him. Is this that regression you were telling me about?

Oh, and I made some babyfood! It was soooo easy and soooo cheap! We don't have much fresh fruit here, but I used organic carrots and frozen green beans and peas, and whipped up a couple batches in less than an hour. Probably would have cost me close to $20 for all that food, at least, and I did it for well under $5. Crazy!