Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life and Times

Cheese and rice, it has been a long time since I updated you.

Here is where we are today.


Oh, three.  I will tell you, I thought Will turning three would break me.  My sweet, good-natured, easy-going toddler turned into a full-throttle preschooler.  The tantrums and defiance were off-the-charts.  After about two months of "OHMYGOSHCANITAKEANYMOREOFTHIS??", it stopped as quickly as it started.  With a rare tantrum here and there to keep us on our toes, Will settled into three with grace.

He love, love, loved preschool and as the school year winds down, I have to say, I believe preschool might have been one of the best things we have ever done for Will.  It helped him with socialization, maturation, and just all-around-growing up.  I was at his school last week for a puppet show and his teacher said that Will grew leaps and bounds this year.  She also commented on what a good and loving heart he has.  I beamed with parental pride but tried (and likely failed) to accept the compliment with nonchalance.  I was very proud.

As he approaches four (and we just moved into a new house), we have seen a remergence of The Tantrums, but I also know that milestones are tough times for kidlets.  So, we are just trying to buckle down and be really consistent with our expectations and bedtimes.  It seems to be helping as much as anything can.  As I have learned from my nearly four year stint at parenting, time seems to help everything along.


Emma is. . . well, she is pretty darn amazing.  I realize I am completely biased, but I have complete strangers stop me to comment on her gorgeous curls, big brown eyes, and wide, gap-toothed smile.  She knows how cute she is (does any one else see trouble brewing), but she is still in that sweet, do-anything-to-please toddler stage.  I know what is coming, so I try to hang on to these precious moments. 

She talks a blue streak (hmmmm, wonder where that comes from) and sings songs.  She knows all of her colors, shapes, and many letters.  She loves her brother (except when she doesn't) and has just started to protest things when they don't go her way.

But she still sleeps like a dream, eats like a truck driver, and generally gives definition to the word "easy".  We'll see how much longer I can say that!

Baby #3

"He" appears to be a boy, which will be confirmed at our anatomy scan next week.  Yes, folks, I have somehow found myself nearly five months pregnant.  This is crazy talk.  I am starting to feel consistent fetal movement and grow more attached to him every day.  So far, names on our list include:  Bryson, Weston, Caleb, and (the front runner) Alexander.


I am huge, as it seems to go with me carrying boys.  Seriously, I look about seven months pregnant, and I still have A LONG TIME to go.  It also turns out that I tend to develop platelet issues in pregnancy, so we are hoping to make it to 34 weeks.  If my platelets continue to drop, I will have steroid shots and deliver.  There isn't anything we can do to prevent HELLP from occuring, just keep hoping and praying that my body holds out to  get this little one safely to viability and beyond.  Remember, I have had HELLP with both Will and Emma and they turned out just fine, so I am not that concerned.  Yet.


We just moved into a new house that will accomodate our growing brood.  It is a lovely home, across the street from a lake and I wake up every day in a bit of awe that we live in such a beautiful house in such a gorgeous location.  We have truly been blessed.

So, that's an update on us.  How are you?