Friday, November 25, 2011

Not the End

I took a little break without really intending to, and I am honestly not sure how often I will be posting here in the immediate future. But I always hated it when a blogger just. . . stopped. It's like leaving the final chapter off of a novel.

So, here is where we are today. We have one amazing three year old little boy and one incredible one year old little girl. When it comes to parenthood, very little has actually turned out how I expected. Conception, pregnancy, delivery, post partum, a colicky newborn, the Terrible Twos and the Even Worse Threes. . . it was all far different than I had dreamed. I wouldn't change it for anything, because the way that it turned out was the way it was meant to be and led me to the babies that I have now. And all of those negative aspects of parenthood I just listed? They pale in comparison to the absolutely incredible things about parenthood that I can't even begin to put into words.

As I am writing this, it sounds like I am saying good-bye and I am not. I anticipate posting more here in the future, but I just wanted to put here how grateful I am for each of you that have stopped by this place. I have been offered hope, solace, comfort, camraderie, excitement, congratulations, and friendship here. I have had strangers become true friends and been invited to share incredible journeys with many more. This blog turned into so much more than just my happy ending, as I initially intended. . . it turned into a part of my life that keeps going.

So, though I might be more quiet here now, I am here. And still so incredibly blessed and thankful to share with and know each of you.