Friday, June 15, 2018


So my neurologist is refusing to write a letter saying he is okay with me getting ECT.  From what I gather (from his nurse), it has to do with my medications.  
I take three anti-seizure medications daily.  The whole point of ECT is to initiate a seizure, so Dr. A (the neuropsychiatrist doing the ECT) wants me to stop taking those medications for 24 hours.  Dr. H (my neurologist) says it wouldn't be safe for me to discontinue my seizure medications so he won't write the letter or advise me on how to titrate them down.
Without that letter or titration, Dr. A won't do ECT.  So I am stuck.  
I called Dr. A's office and explained the situation.  So they are going to have Dr. A talk with Dr. H and see if she can't explain things better than I have.
If all else fails, I have an appointment with Dr. H on July 5th.  I feel like if he knows how bad off things are, he will help me to reach a solution.  He is a compassionate man and I know he is probably in a tough spot, too.  
I haven't had a seizure since March.  So it does seem a little counterintuitive to stop taking my medications, even for a brief period.  
But I don't know what to do next if this doesn't happen for me.  I am afraid that I will be sucked into a deep mire of hopelessness if this can't happen.  I know I should keep my mind open to other possibilities for treatment. I just feel as if I have tried so much.  And I am tired of waiting for things to get better on their own.  


Alphabet Farm said...

Have you considered TMS or ketamine? It sounds like ECT really might not be very safe for you.

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